A good pair of rimless eyeglasses

What basic characters should a pair of rimless eyeglasses carry? A cool pair of rimless eyeglasses should be light-weighted. Some rimless frames can weight only a few games. Rimless eyeglasses though appears to be fragile, should be good enough to take hits. Anti-allergy material should be used for the frame. Lens on rimless eyeglasses should be armed with the right coating(s) since the edges are usually polished to a glossy finish, light enters from the edge and would cause unwanted glare if anti-reflective coating is not there on the lens. Lastly, the rimless eyeglasses frame should have at least some style to it- if affordabe.

Brief Orkut Thoughts

When Friendster started, it was something of a first of breed. It was a club that you had to know about to get in, I'm told (by Scott Rafer, with whom I shared coffee and chat yesterday afternoon. Scott was one of the first few hundred or so into that particular club). It wasn't like a million people rushed to sign up - no one knew about it unless they were told by someone else. It was a true Friend of a Friend network, growing organically. There was no need to put a velvet rope at the door - only those who knew where the door was could get in anyway. Friendster remains a place you can sign up for without an invitation.Now, fast forward to today. There's simply no way that Orkut could launch with the same approach. Too many folks would rush the door, and they'd swamp the system, which has to scale up from somewhere. Hence, Orkut is by invitation only, and in the past few days, an invitation into Orkut has been a something of a quiet wish for many in the Valley.Now that I've poked around for a couple of days, it's quite interesting to see how the network is growing. Not surprisingly the folks with the largest networks are nearly all employees at Google, who must have been testing the system for some time. This makes Google the Eden, of sorts, the point from which the entire network will grow (yes, for those of you reading closely, I chose Eden on purpose). It makes for an interesting anthropological study, in particular to watch how Google employees' networks metastasize outwards to the Valley and beyond. I hope for history's sake, someone is recording this progression.

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